Born and raised in Texas. All Texan Girl.
Hello. I have been drawing since the age of eight and had first started with stick figures. During high school, I graduated under Project Lead The Way (PLTW) taking extra courses in engineering, mathematics, and science. I also participated in the school newspaper, fencing club, and drumline.
I continued my education at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with a physics degree and a specification in high-energy astrophysics. During these times I submitted my artworks into contest such as Stargate Atlantis, Dr. Rush comic. In addition, I worked at an airport as trade-off to receive my private pilot certification. On top of that, I did research in binary star system of J1118+480 in finding and proving an accurate orbital period.
Afterwards, I continued working at the airport, but this time as a ramp technician for a secondary degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Year later, I still work on the side as an artist and web designer for local and state to individual and group. My skills now include scriptwriting and writing fantasy short stories. Recently, I have once more started working as an astronomer and a media specialist for a non-profit organization.
I love using all the skill-sets I have learned and use them continuously...
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