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Lorena "SKETCH" Monroy


Lorena Monroy is a writer, author, scientist and basically other trades due to the ability of picking up skills quickly.

Always reading and wanting to learn, she wanted to give back to her family members who pushed her to never give up. She started to draw for her classmates, charging them quarters which grew to five dollars by the time she reached high school. In addition, due to her parents working long hours, she joined a variety of clubs that increased her knowledge. In middle school, she joined a communication club that taught her videography, video editing using many VHS recording devices, and television broadcasting. After being accepted into an advanced high school program, Lorena went into journalism as part of the school's newspaper. It was here, she was introduced into advertising, layout designing, paper packaging for printing, and reporting.

Half-way through college, Lorena started her freelance work to help her pay for some textbooks, lunch, and fuel. Her clients would be either from her multiple part-time jobs, fellow classmates, or hired through a freelanced site. She also entered competitions to show case her skills to gain more experience.
To continue her education and take more courses outside of her field of study of science, Lorena Monroy created first Monroy ART. She went by this brand when she started to participate in comic conventions to sell her artworks and comic. Later, it was changed and updated to SKETCH. With the funding and trades of clients and her non-profit work, SKETCH grew to offer more services other than illustrations and artwork.
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