Artist hire scam

Giving a heads up. Recently I was hit up to do a commission for a birthday in this sweet site called This site is for creative beings to find some work online. There is cons and pros about this site. I will do a review post of it later on.

So, I was emailed, did the process, created an invoice, and talked to the person about payment. ALWAYS ASK FOR PAY FIRST! I used to not but thanks to others, that is no longer an option. Neither is personal checks. Now, this is where the problem started was the talk of option of payment. This person ask for a 'favor'. That should be hint number 1. DO NOT TAKE FAVORS.

This person continued with she is sick, need to pay the event planner, and if I can deposit the check and give it to said planner. NOW, two things can happen here. The scam check can hack into your account and empty you out .... or .... they are using you to launder money. Both a BIG no! I have had past experience of scams, usually for job applications on where somebody created a fake company and tried to identity steal me. Which was dumb, cause I am not YET FAMOUS. But I will be! I WILL BE!

Back to the scam. I emailed them back. Said that the commission must be declined. That I didn't do favors and will be reported to the authorities. This person then tried to appeal of my sense and being god fearing. It is in my last name. 'Monroy' is fear god. Crazy right? Well, this person tried using it that I need to trust people. Still kept saying no as kindly as I can because if this person decided to complain about me or the authorities found them, at least nobody can say I was rude. This person DID NOT LISTEN TO ME. She actually still sent me the check through the postal (FEDEX). So, I had to take the next step. Report it to postal, fraud, take pictures, save the emails, and block said person.

So beware of scammers. If a person is asking for a favor or wants you to deposit a check and then give that money to somebody else: DO NOT TRUST IT!



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