Updated: Mar 23

I have always been a fan of horror. Years of my father scaring me does that. It was enjoyable. Though I can honestly say I can't play horror games. I have tried. But I do try playing them during night and with these nice almost-noise blocking headsets.

When I was writing fanfiction...years ago...many years ago...somebody informed me of a site called inkitt. Checked it out and saw that they had competitions and gave tips. Those tips are really useful. So, with years of practice and research, I am happy to bring you a horror short into comic. The short, though not complete, but will be soon as the art progresses, can be read here: link.

Summary: A young woman, a survivor, of the worst serial killer in history, thinks the end of her misery is over after the death of her predator. Sometimes a killer never stays dead. continue. The next blog with have the first pages of the comic for all to read and will be updated as the art is done. To help me continue please donate to my paypal or appcash. Every help is a lot as a I work non-profit for Picture Rocks Observatory.

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