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Get to Know Us

SKETCH has undergone many changes. It started as a side job in middle school to help my folks with bills, charging fellow students a quarter to $5 or favors in high school.

When the hobby turned into a part-time freelanced work, it started with the name Monroy ART, and it settled to SKETCH.

Art helped me manage stress, aid my family when they needed it, and save money to purchase my first computer. Now, it is my lifesaver in a chaotic world and gives some happiness to those who enjoy my work.



This site gives opportunities for indie artists like me to sell our works to others around the world by printing our works on assorted products. By purchasing from this site, you are helping this independent freelancer to grow and give back to the community.


Art prints can vary in size. Some are available for immediate shipping, but others still need to be ordered from a site that has never let me down, known as Printkeg. All funds give me the ability and opportunity to meet art lovers and appreciators around the world by having the honor to participate in different conventions.

ALL PRINTS ARE SIGNED & DATED! Can pre-order products out of stock.

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